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DI Regulated Fuel Return Kit 7.3 Ford

DI Regulated Fuel Return Kit 7.3 Ford

DI Regulated Fuel Return Kit 7.3 Ford
Brand: Diesel Innovations
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This is the complete dual circuit, externally regulated fuel feed system. The kit consists of everything needed to convert the stock fuel feed system to a dual feed external regulator setup. This will feed the heads from the rear, come off of the front of the heads to the external fuel regulator, then back to the fuel tank. All of the pressure hoses are Parker 919U and rated for diesel fuel use and are assembled in a Parker hose manufacturing facility. All of the check valves are removed and no restrictors are required. This will allow you to run your fuel pressure up to 65-75 psi, compared to the stock 53 psi. This also allows the fuel to circulate through the heads rather than dead ending in them. This entire kit requires no cutting, flaring, welding, duct tape, or bubble gum to install , and it is 100% reversible to put the truck back to stock. The typical wrench head will spend 3 to 5 hours installing the kit.

As the fuel is now being fed from the rear of the heads, the number 6 and 8 injectors will no longer have to fight for fuel and the result of that is a more efficient, quieter running engine. It is also recommended, but not required, that if you have a long lead injector in the #8 position, that it be replaced with a standard "AD" injector.

** This kit is only offered 919U stainless steel braided lines.  **

***For fuel bowl delete options No.6 or No.8 Feed lines are from YOUR fuel filter housing, any questions please call before placing order. 979-421-9635 ***

Click Here for Install instructions.

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