Forged Connecting Rods 7.3 Ford RFR73

Forged Connecting Rods 7.3 Ford RFR73
Brand: Ford
Product Code: RFR73
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Late model 7.3L Power Strokes (2001 - 2003) came from the factory with what are commonly called Powdered Metal (PM) connecting rods. These rods are manufactured using a different process than traditional forged rods and are not as strong. The factory PM rods have been known to break with over 400 rear wheel horsepower. If you want to safely go above this power level, upgrade to forged rods. Forged connecting rods should allow you to go up to 500rwhp without rod failure.

This price is for a set of eight reconditioned factory rods that are ready to bolt in to your short block.

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